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Exclusive track premiere: PLIVII – Give Us Back the Light

Post-punk outfit ΠΛΗΒΕΙΟΙ come out with an absolute banger, streaming exclusively on DIY Conspiracy!

Post-punk outfit ΠΛΗΒΕΙΟΙ is one of the hidden gems among the diverse and powerful DIY scene of Greece.

We are happy to present their newest single “Give us back the light” as an exclusive premiere on DIY Conspiracy!

PLIVII was our effort to approach an emancipated perspective on art and freedom of expression. For that purpose, often it is necessary for each artist to be critical about their art and ethics. During that process, we chose to create our music collectively, act anti-hierarchically and promote our music through an anti-commercial logic based on DIY ethics. During these last two years, we managed to finish the production of our first album, and we are fully excited to announce its release the following months along with some live gigs.

The name of the band is the Greek translation for the word “plebeians”. Their music is an endeavor to criticize the unequal conflict between the (self)critical individual and the opportunistic, one dimensional and self-destructive society of the modern capitalist world, which is the confirmation of humanity’s self-destructive nature.

Their album PLIVII – ΠΛΗΒΕΙΟΙ will be self-released in digital format on preferred online platforms in late march and for those of you loving an actual physical copy there will be a limited number of cassette tapes available at the band’s upcoming gigs. Be sure to catch them live if you can!

The is album is recorded and mixed in Shellac Studios (Thessaloniki) by Kostas Fragkopoulos and Bill Kapa and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Refused, Russian Circles, Cult of Luna).

The cover sculpture is made by Berlin-based artist Miltos Digkas
Photography and layout by Maggy Ivanova

Give us back the light

What’s the use of the light
When you’re not willing to see
What’s the use of the light
When the dark brightens the room
What’s the use of the light
When the real light never existed

Now the dark brightens the place

Desire with no compromise in a scared mind who dies
Day by day
Night by night
Give us back the light!
– – –
Now I can see it in front of me right in my eyes.

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