Pisse – Mit Schinken durch die Menopause

Modern day deutschpunk classic.

pisse-mit-schinken-durch-die-menopauseArtist: Pisse

Title: Mit Schinken durch die Menopause

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Beau Travail, Phantom Records

The term “instant classic” is used indiscriminately in music reviews, but I’d dare to say this album has succeeded in this venture. Originally released in 2015, this modern day deutschpunk classic was recently repressed simply because it deserves it.

Sometimes referred as a dadaist-punk, every beat is a banger, lacing nods to no frills old school punk with vitriolic vocals that remind me of Nick Blinko’s erratic style in Rudimentary Peni. However, the band also doesn’t shy away from making use of keyboards, thus creating a minimalist synth-pop skeleton to make the whole noisy punk thing more danceable and enjoyable. When it comes to defying genre conventions, they even have a dancehall song (collab with Miss Red MC) opening the record!

The lyrics are brutally provocative, vibrantly humorous, and just plain naughty, while seamlesly jumping between blatantly puerile jokes, biting socio-political rants, and witty surrealist sausage (or should I say vagina?) party. They also don’t miss to express their tantrum about the punk scene with anti-poser songs like “Szene Prinz” and “Biertitten”. Plus 100 more punk points for writing the song “Scheiß DDR”, it’s deutschpunk at its best that sounds like coming straight from the ’80s.

Some reviewers might put words like dadaist, avantgarde, glam, synth or whatever adjective, but for me it’s just pure fucking punk. Pisse are fast, immediate, neurotic, irritating, or just plain dumb at times, while also being totally enjoyable, danceable and purely awesome. More than anything, Mit Schinken durch die Menopause makes a strong argument for artists, untethered from trends, breathing new life into punk. With plenty of humor and self-mockery. This is an exceptional record. Ich liebe Pisse.


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