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Pisse – Hornhaut ist der beste Handschuh EP

Pissed deutschpunk meets 8-bit minimalism

pisse-hornhaut-ist-der-beste-handschuhArtist: Pisse

Title: Hornhaut ist der beste Handschuh

Release: 7″ / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Phantom Records

What’s that awful smell? A rotten fish left in the mailbox by Phantom Records. It is a German punk band that walks a fine line between being silly and fucking genius.

There are four 8-bit punk tracks on this 7″ vinyl, and, as the band name suggests, they are really pissed. They’re pissed off with the football coach Christoph Daum who, for the unfamiliar, has a mustache, enjoys a line of coke, and used to manage the Romanian national team. They are also pissed off at work but there are vacation days at least, supposedly once a year going to a tropical island. They’re pissed off with Dresden—”like Munich but without the money”. And they have a solution to all those assholes who pissed them off—kicking in the kneecaps until they’re getting used to go to work in a wheelchair—”like a rolling stone”.

It’s a punk record indeed! And obviously, a disturbing piece of fish fetishism. It’s ultra catchy with its barebone punk vibe, minimalist 8-bit synth beats and raw shouted vocals in the 80s deutsch punk fame.


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