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Piggery – Self-Titled

Excruciatingly heavy grinding sludge/crust record with lots of power and good production.

piggeryArtist: Piggery

Title: Piggery

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Alwaysneverfun Records, Razored Raw, Limbless Music, Six Noises

This is the debut EP by New Zealand’s band Piggery, featuring former Meth Drinker guitarist Sam Thurston, who was actually interviewed in DIY Conspiracy before. It is an excruciatingly heavy grinding sludge/crust record with lots of power and good production.

“Piggery” features six tracks in total and runs for a little over 20 minutes, which is a good thing since you can only get so much noise punishment at once. While not groundbreakingly original, this is, by all means, a good fuckin’ record if you’re into heavy and angry stuff.

If you’re interested in getting this on vinyl, I got bad news for you! The record seems to be sold out already. I think Dry Cough Records had some in their distro, but it wasn’t cheap because of the crazy-ass shipping rates from NZ to EU.

Anyway, if you come across this band anywhere, I’d recommend checking them out. I’d love to hear more from Piggery in the future, that’s for sure. Favorite track: “Home in a Box”, but the whole record slaps.

Here you can see the video for “Blood into Piss”:

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