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VHS / Pacificación Violenta – Pacificación Violenta Home System

Two fastcore bands from Argentina join their efforts for this split

PVHSArtist: VHS / Pacificación Violenta

Title: Pacificación Violenta Home System

Release: Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Self released

This time I’m bringing to your attention a split that joins together two fastcore bands from Argentina. I’m talking about Pacificación Violenta, a four piece from Rosario, and VHS, a three piece from Escobar. While this release is not completely new, it’s a nice starting point to people interested in getting near punk bands from the scene in Argentina. Wanna know more? Keep reading!

Both bands not only are similar in the way the approach fast paced music with blasting drum beats, gang chants and aggressive screams, they also share a mutual love for The Simpsons, something that you can see in VHS’ track on this split, La violencia en los juegos de video puede gener[C7H5O2K_E-212], that makes reference to the cursed frogurt scene on a Halloween episode, and in an old song from Pacificación Violenta called Mentalidad Bart Simpson (Bart Simpson Mentality). They both also hate cops a lot. A lot.

While Pacificación is more politically direct and confrontational, with lyrics about drugs, police brutality, abuse of power, and consumerism, VHS doesn’t takes itself too seriously, making jokes about their local scene, video games and movies. But, somehow, they seem to coexist together pretty well. Sometimes, just existing as a small band that rejects the corporative model of the music industry, that doesn’t care about being little and supports staying local and in contact with the people, music and artist that surrounds them is enough. Sometimes, just making a band with your friends is enough. It’s okay. It probably won’t change a thing, but don’t tell me it is not a political act. I appreciate it a lot.

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