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Overo / Asthenia – Split EP

Fantastic screamo split that ties Texas with Tokyo in times when touring is almost impossible.

overo-asthenia-splitArtist: Overo / Asthenia

Title: Split

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Forge, Count Your Lucky Stars, Middle-man, Pundonor, strictly no capital letters, Lilac Sky, Polar Summer, Scully Records

This record came in the post the other day to remind me that split 7″ format is still the perfect medium to convey the powerful emotions and intensity of this type of music scene.

The late ’90s post-hardcore/emo revival in recent times has been very appreciated. There’s also no doubt that Houston’s Overo—featuring two members of Football etc. and Perfect Future’s drummer—absolutely nail that kind of emotive hardcore in the five minutes or so they can commit to the their side of the record.

Overo’s first track called “Haunted by Heat”—a song about loss and coming to terms with the end of something cherished—was inspired by real-life events about a series of fires in old buildings with faulty gas or electrical systems that took multiple lives. Impassionately screamed male and female vocals are brewed along beautifully layered and driving melodic guitars. The song structure is nothing new, take any classic Gravity Records band and you know the score. But I’m still latched onto this kind of stuff. The song is fantastic.

Second track “Near The End” is a more straight-forward emotional quickfire. It explodes in an outburst of emotions and it’s quickly gone. The lyrics say “She told me that love is not enough,” and it’s time to turn the record over and enjoy the other side.

On the flipside there are two more tracks, with Asthenia contained on it. These guys are one of those absolutely incredible screamo bands from Tokyo that everyone should know about.

More than just an explosion of melodic guitars and utterly desperate vocals, their sound is deeply rooted in the ’90s hardcore scene noodling to bands like Groundwork, Frail, You and I, etc. Both of their tracks are carefully layered, textured and pieced together to make a seamless blend of crying-on-the-floor emo and chuggy hardcore that comes from the heart.

Needless to say that Japanese lyrics and the unbridled passion they release in screaming those in their native tongue is something that you can’t get from any other part of the world. Solid stuff all around!

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