Noisy Sins of The Insect – Discography

Obscure skramz from Turkey for the true underground fans

Noisy SIns of the Insect
Artist: Noisy Sins of The Insect
Title: Discography
Release: CD-r
Year: 2007
Label: Pati Patu Prima, Kisses and Hugs Records

Noisy Sins of The Insect was a short lived but very influential band for the Turkish DIY scene. The band was formed in Istanbul and during their existence (2005-2007) they’ve played only 9 shows to a small number of people.

They’ve never played a show outside of Turkey, though they’ve become a cult band for the local scene and gained some attention from nerds all over the world interested in their music, finding it a gem along with other obscure emo records coming from “exotic” (yeah, I hate this word) places.

After Noisy Sins the four guys (Alper, Onur, Erkan, Oguz) didn’t disappear but formed new amazing bands like Stevan Flipović, Lost In Bazaar, Burn Her Letters. The Turkish scene is really small and the total DIY attitude of the bands makes them release their stuff all by themselves on the cheapest mediums possible, like CD-r’s and tapes. So their discography CD-r is no exception.

The record starts with some noise/drone experimentations but that’s no surprise because their singer Alper is also part of a noise project called Akraba Evliliği. Then the record goes into the realm of maniacal screamo/emo-violence and Alper’s screams are not unlike bands like Shikari, Combatwoundedveteran, or Jeromes Dream.

The most notable tracks in the Noisy Sins of The Insect’s discography are the ones from “Automatic Suicide Machine” CD-r, there are also some great songs from the split tape with Daighila from Malaysia. Plus few demo and unreleased tracks with very harsh recordings from rehearsal sessions. It’s that chaotic, painfully emotional and 100% honest emo-violence with intense screaming and crying that you’ll hear only in the deepest underground.

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