No Suits in Miami – EP/Plain Sight

A sweet little treat for anyone into shoegaze and dream-pop infused arty emo

no-suits-in-miamiArtist: No Suits in Miami

Title: EP/Plain Sight

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Dasein Records

There’s a basic formula to any band that doesn’t aspire to become the “next big thing” in whatever genre you’re gonna find yourself identified with. You shoot out some beats, riffs, screams and melodies, juggle with them a bit and put your heart into it. If you like what comes out in the end, you stick with it. When passion and self-expression is what drives you to make this particular kind of art, it doesn’t really matter how many people will actually get to it eventually.

So it’s no surprise there are so many brilliant bands known to just a handful of geeks that sacrifice most of their social life just to be up to date with what’s going on in the obscure music scenes they are emotionally and artistically attached to. Dripped in emotions and sincerity this foursome have popped up from Lund, Sweden. No Suits in Miami are on the softer side of the punk spectrum and that works on their advantage as it sets them apart compared to many other bands that I usually write about.

No Suits in Miami have been around for quite some time but the songs from their EP were only traceable online and appreciated by just the kind of geeks that I have portrayed earlier. One of them is Mads Leonard Jensen from Copenhagen’s based Dasein Records who is putting out their first physical release on a limited cassette tape. By limited, I mean 20 copies with a purple/glitter look!

In a span of around 20 minutes there are five tracks of beautiful shoegaze emo, drilling themselves into your memory. Four of them were previously recorded and available on Soundcloud as an unreleased EP, while the fifth song “Plain Sight” is a brand new for this release. The new song is pure awesomeness (it’s a sad song) and I don’t want to argue about it!

I’m totally not that kid transitioning into dream-pop and shoegaze, so I don’t know what kind of bands to give as a point of reference here, but from my own personal musical journey I can relate to Dahlia Seed, Carissa’s Wierd, or Crash and Britany. I think it’s fair enough to find some hints of them into No Suits in Miami’s music. There are sighing, dreamy guitars accompanied by charming vocals that all ebb and flow in a perfectly lovely 90’s arty emo crate. There’s a strong sense of keeping things lo-fi but still clean-sounding and poignant. They might feel a bit over the top in its aesthetics but definitely not boring or overly melodramatic.

I would totally recommend this to all those introvert and self-centered people who have a soft spot for the kind of music described here. We don’t hear such bands very often and this record came out as a great surprise to me.

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