No Sanctuary – Weird Slow Pvnk of Mystery and Imagination

A bunch of long-haired punks from Pamplona playing a weird slow punk of mystery and imagination.

no sanctuary

Artist: No Sanctuary

Title: Weird Slow Pvnk of Mystery and Imagination

Release: CD / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Basque Nepal Recs.

What the fuck is this?

It says “weird crust by Tom G. Warrior’s, Nick Blinko’s and Paul Ferguson’s retarded grandnephews” on the tin, so it might as well be really fuckin’ good!

No Sanctuary was born in Iruña (Pamplona), in January 2014. They’ve released a self-titled—or rather untitled—EP with their own DIY label, and played more than 50 shows and a couple of mini-tours in Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia.

In 2019, No Sanctuary released Weird Slow Pvnk of Mystery and Imagination on a limited CD (also available as a digital download on their Bandcamp). By the time of writing this review, the vinyl version has been released by DiscosMeCagoEnDios and available from many distros around Europe.

Weird Slow Pvnk of Mystery and Imagination consists of seven tracks that spread among various styles of abrasive, slow, and mean metal punk. Influences range from the old-school metal heroes Celtic Frost, Amebix, Venom, to a good chunk of anarcho-punk. It makes me think of cigarette stench in damp squat basements, tall boot long-haired punks and faded backpatches of obscure ’80s bands. It’s dark and slow with some raw Melvins vibe.

I won’t waste much more time talking about genres and influences, as it doesn’t make much sense in 2020 anymore. Let’s put it this way—it won’t be everyone’s can of warm cider but if you dig obscure doom crust with some tupa-tupa blended in, then you’re in for a treat! Somehow it makes me think of another awesome band from this part of the world called Ancient Emblem (that I mention here) , which I mean as a compliment.

The production is raw in a very good way, and the overall sound and style definitely makes me want to catch the band live someday! I am really impressed with the effortless use of samples in the tracks, as well as the batcave sound of the vocals in the “Weaver in the Vault” track.

10/10 would recommend to a crusty friend and their bandana-wearing dog.

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