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No Pueden Matarnos a Todos – Hablar en lenguas

Ever wondered what was the sound of the dark hardcore bands of Chile? No Pueden Matarnos a Todos give us a glimpse of that with their debut EP!

Artist: No Pueden Matarnos a Todos

Title: Hablar en lenguas

Release: Digital

Year: 2016

Label: DIY

In all black, the Chilean hardcore punk outfit No Pueden Matarnos a Todos (You Can’t Kill Us All) presents their debut release, Hablar en lenguas (Speak in tongues), a long EP full of hard hitting chords, distortion and raw voices. The band share members with the classic hardcore band Distancia and the great crust punk band La Miseria De Tu Rostro, and you can hear it in their sound and their lyrics. You can hear it in their hunger, in their anger. They are here to represent the new wave of Chilean hardcore punk, so let’s give it a listen and find out what they got.

The first track, one of the longest here, begins with a constant beat and a piercing feedback that evolves into metal influenced riffs, into anger. It’s a good showcase of what we’ll hear during the EP. Instruments with overdrives, distortions, and splashing cymbals create a kinda lo-fi ambience, different than the darker and more open sounding bands like Nails and Full Of Hell. But they seem to strive to the same sonical place. There’s dissonance, fast beats, constant rhythm and melodies that help creating the sonic world they aspire to.

The 4th track is a cover of the influential Basque punk band La Polla Records. They have a strong bond with classic punk not only in their lyrics, but taking a political and poetic attitude at the same time. It is in their essence. As for the lyrics themselves, they go deeper and deeper in each track. With the instrumental they keep it simple and heavy. The bass is strong and resonant, so they kinda get the sound they wanted to, except the songs as a whole feel weird, probably due to the way they recorded the instruments, especially guitar and bass. They work, yes, but they could be better in terms of production. A natural reverb and some more compression could’ve worked. And maybe some work in the way the instrumentation is on the stereo image. Everything feels too separated due to all these things, like they—each member—almost were in a separated room playing.

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