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No One’s Little Girls: International Women’s Day Compliation 2019

Grow Your Own Records celebrates women empowerment with a 16-bands benefit compilation

no-ones-little-girlsArtist: Various

Title: No One’s Little Girls: Benefit Compliation for International’s Women Day 2019

Release: LP / CD / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Grow Your Own Records

March 8th is the International Women’s Day. It is a day when the women’s movement celebrates the social, political and emancipatory struggles of women around the world. It’s fairly obvious that oppression comes in many forms, and oftentimes patriarchy intersects with a wide spectrum of abusive ideologies and social realities which are present in our fucked up society.

“No One’s Little Girls” is the latest punk compilation dedicated to the women’s empowerment and the International Women’s Day in 2019. The sixteen bands on here all feature female artists that range from the “grandmothers” of the British anarcho-punk Hagar The Womb to the explosion of younger bands in the contemporary punk-rock and hardcore scene. From the Scotland’s vegan straight edge siblings Bratakus to the antifascist queer punk assembly of The Menstrual Cramps, there are definitely some amazing bands you should already have heard about.

Musically, the compilation is not just about classic anarcho-punk and hardcore sound, but an eclectic mix that varies from dub-influenced and acoustic tracks to melodic pop-punk anthems about smashing sexism and imposed gender norms. Punk-rock fury, gender politics, identity and combating the different ways of subjugation to patriarchy are covered within the lyrics of all these 16 DIY punk-by-attitude bands and artists. There’s no reason not to recommend supporting this release.

It’s available on bandcamp stream, CD and a limited edition colored vinyl craftily assembled by UK’s top quality anarcho-punk label Grow Your Own Records. If you are not aware of the label, it’s the people from the legendary band Anthrax (not the NYC thrashers, but the ones who made “Capitalism Is Cannibalism” back in 1982). As you can expect, the record is a benefit for various trans-inclusive grassroots women organizations. Don’t hesitate to chip-in some bucks, it’s time for women and the working class to organize and emancipate! ♀


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