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NEZEK – Self-Titled

Refreshing young hardcore band from Israel.

nezek-stArtist: NEZEK

Title: NEZEK

Release: Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-released

From the angry political strife of Nekhei Naatza, Public Domain, or Dir Yassin, to the melodic toe-tapping riffs of Useless ID, Not On Tour, and Kids Insane, there’s been a lively underground scene going on in Israel for decades now.

Taking influences from a myriad of hardcore punk subgenres, NEZEK (meaning damage in Hebrew) originated in the city of Haifa to enthusiastically evoke DIY ethics and anti-opression politics in a country that violates human rights in such severe ways.

The refreshing, rigorously fluid sound of NEZEK is raw and frenetic at times, emotional and melodic at others; with some decent lyrics that balance between the personal and the political. Compared to the more posi/youth crew sound on their “Taking It Back” EP (2016), here the band adds a bit more depth, diversity and heaviness into their style, with gritty vocals, groovy post-hardcore bites, and some hefty 90s hardcore breakdowns. If you need a cheerfully eclectic take on hardcore that also nods back to your favorite early Refused records, both in its spirit and the message, this might be right up your alley.

Overall, the record is extremely sincere and delivered surprisingly well by this gang of vegan straight edge kids from Haifa who give vent to their frustrations in a really positive way. Don’t miss the chance to dance to these tunes. It’s fresh, new and exceptionally upbeat.

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