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First video from the new THISQUIETARMY album

Grains of Sand are releasing Métamorphose, a vast work by Canadian drone artist THISQUIETARMY

It’s great when hardworking people’s paths cross and they come up with something together. Yesterday one of the most active and fastest growing labels Grains of Sand (RUS) presented the first video from the long-anticipated double CD by Canadian tour addict THISQUIETARMY a.k.a Eric Quach.

The album entitled ‘Métamorphose’ seems like a massive work spanning over 12 tracks conceptually tight via their titles to a poem by Meryem Yildiz. Watch the video below and make sure you get this one. Out February 13, 2017.

Pre-order ‘Métamorphose’ by THISQUIETARMY on digital & CD.

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