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New DIY books & zines published in Romania

March 2014 brought new publications on the territory ruled by the state called Romania. From many flyers and small booklets on different social issues to fanzines and books. Some of these are: Leave me alone zine no.9 and Fanzinul fanzinelor TM.

leave me alone zine 9

LEAVE ME ALONE ZINE is a diy-anarchist-hardcore-punk zine that covers different social and political issues, animal and earth liberation activism and music stuff as well. In the new issue you can find: a wonderful face of a cat on the cover: Pech // Interviews with Despite Everything & Attrito // thoughts: byciclerepairkit; burning bridges; black rhinos, black hoods; it’s not just you; idle hands; why fashion is not my passion // some info on natural health – about lavender and its magic // some wonderful pictures from United and Strong’s photo tour report // a nice vegan recipe: pilaf // nice political spaces from Romania. All the articles are written by a borderless nationless collective.

The zine is printed and is also available for download and reading online.

DOWNLOAD PDF FROM HERE – the LMA collective encourages stealing and printing at own will all the materials found on the blog.

Get in touch: leavemealone[at]

Fanzinul Fanzinelor

FANZINUL FANZINELOR TM – is a wonderful new DIY book that was released this March. Created by the Antropong collective, it has an “incomplete and subjective collection written by Pavi32 of “20 years of Otherground fanzines and publications from Timisoara (1994-2014)”.

Within its very nice punk design, you will find images and thoughts on many many printed materials that have been spread around the world with a starting point in Timisoara for the last 20 years. You will find fanzines like Slogan,  Clipa Anarhiei,  Sick of being sick, Revolta!, Love kills, Gluga Neagra, Buletin DIY and many others, or the DIY 2013 calendar that decorated many walls and helped organize many lives or the Underground Festival’s manifesto.

FANZINUL FANZINELOR TM is an incomplete archive-collection  of Otherground fanzines published in Timisoara between 1994-2014… The fanzines and publications that are included can be described as: do it yourself, punk, underground, Dadaism, situationism, ecology, anarchism, personal writings, art… fanzines coming from the metal scene, commercial publications/magazines and books were not included. – soon!


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