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A Bunch of Newbies You Should Check Out!

For quite some time I’ve been thinking to start such series of posts featuring demos and debuts. I will be posting links to bands I have recently discovered. I’ll be featuring my 50 cents on all my discoveries but will those newcomers make their way among your favorites it’s totally up to you. For sure there won’t be any long reviews, maybe some random thoughts here and there. Time will tell. For now enjoy the first batch of bands:

1 Judiciary

Judiciary were formed in 2013 or that’s what I understood from their facebook page. They’re four young folks from Lubbock, Texas playing some hardcore I’d really like to mosh to. To be honest, I’m kinda moshing right now typing this…

2 Mad At The World

Mad At The World released some songs in the spring. I first checked them out because I know some of them personally and was curious to hear what they are doing now. After a few videos from their first shows popped up online it was time for a proper recording to see the light of day… Well, they don’t disappoint with these two songs! You can feel from their lyrics that they are really mad at the world…

3 Alone

Alone just put up their new EP online. They are from Idaho, USA and I like how they are describing their band: “We play music. Come to a show and check it out.” Pretty much straight to the point for their mix of catchy riffs and melodic vocals. Niki approves!

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