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Nekrst Fanzine: We Don’t Care, Unless It Is Metal!

The story of a metal fanzine from Serbia that published 20 issues in its first year of existence

Nekrst is a metal fanzine from Serbia that started in the beginning of 2016. But unlike many other zines which take years to come out with a new issue, Nekrst have already published 17 issues, and #18 is just about to hit the printing press. According to zine editor-in-chief Andrej Romić 20 issues in total are planned for 2016, so we wonder if they will complete the petiletka with 100 issues out there to the hungry metalheads! So here’s the story of Nekrst by Andrej himself:

Nekrst (Unbaptized) fanzine was created on April 24th, as a concept of two individual writers/vlogers. The idea, although, was born much, much earlier, as something simple, yet something focused on highlighting and giving support to merely unknown bands. The name was spontaneously evoked, based loosely on thoughts of technical editor (Desya Lovorov, owner of the LIBRARION records/zine), and myself (Andrej Romić), the reviewer, designer in this fanzine agreed to it.

nekrst issue 1

To this date, NEKRST has supported exactly 200 bands in its issues, and so far, we have released 17, all in 2016, and we have 3 more planned, making it 20, to round up this year. The focus is on a pretty habituate style of reviews, which are short, usually not longer than a few columns, and yes, this idea was adapted since the very beginning, and nothing has changed since then. Some fans might like it, some never will, but we keep going, because we know our path, and we also like what we are doing!

Our zine has received numerous positive feedback since its creation earlier this year, from various underground music vlogs, other fanzines, magazines, some of them being Headbang blog, Ciklonizacija blog, Marena fanzine, and a lot more. The genres which the readers can and will find in the fanzine are completely off limits. They are usually focused on various forms of death metal, black metal as primary niche, but we made a few, some would say, non-metal exceptions in the past…


When it comes to the subgenres, we almost did everything from ambient to post-, technical, avant-garde, and many, MANY more. So far, we interviewed one band (officially!), but there are many more coming in the not-so-distant future. We weren’t so sure about interviews in the beginning, we kept going with the classic, short reviews, and we did, although only once, a gig review, which didn’t get repeated in a long while, what is definitely going to change. So far, the fanzine is only available in Serbian, but I translated this summer the first 10 issues to English, and due to my colleague being so busy with work and personal life, we weren’t able to publish it, but we sure will, sometimes soon. Also, I’m in the process of making the our ”pilot” issue translated to Hungarian too, which would be translated by myself.

Our main goal is to show the world some underrated, epic, experimental, weird bands and subgenres, we don’t want our readers to see bands they could see on the news or anywhere on some popular place, that is our main cause, we want, we support, and we don’t ask much but just a share the positive vibe. We’re doing our best on keeping our scene alive, and we can only do that if we help each other out! NEKRST can be downloaded and also seen online. Fetch the issues, like and share us or ask something on our official Facebook page right here.

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