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Negate Life – Falsehood

Five-track debut from a Québec's political hardcore band

negative life falsehoodArtist: Negate Life

Title: Falsehood

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: DIY

Québec’s Negate Life have brought forth their debut EP in the very beginning of the year. Neither sugarcoated melodic sounds nor macho bullshit here, but more like a razor-sharp hardcore punk; heavy, somber, and ferocious as they come. Each of the five songs in Falsehood is a relentless attempt to slay the listener with downtuned bass lines, thick metallic riffs, and an intensity that borders on powerviolence.

If you’re looking for a new band that incorporates both the heavy and fast approach to their music, then this is exactly what you want from a demo. It’s short, vicious, and to the point, leaving you hungry for the next release. The spiteful vocals might leave you with an impression of some misanthropic or heavily nihilistic lyrical content, but actually they’re all very political and brave to tackle on different social issues. It’s good to see them do that, as cliché as it may sound but hardcore is more than just dumbed-down music to rage to. Another reason to give this demo a good review.

In conclusion, this is all about stripped-down hardcore blistering through the stereo with a bare knuckle ferocity and a kick in the teeth at the state of the world today!

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