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My Turn calls it quits

3,5 years & 109 shows later Greek hardcore punk band My Turn calls it quits

Being involved in DIY hardcore punk through various bands, zines, labels, distros, booking, alternative projects connected to radical culture, hardcore, veganism, straightedge, etc., the current and ex-members of My Turn from Greece have become our good friends and comrades. They’ve been one of the most passionate and hard-working bands from the Balkans and we have had the opportunity to work with them in one way or another, although yesterday My Turn have announced they have decided to call it a day.

Here’s their statement, posted on My Turn’s facebook page:

3,5 years & 109 shows later in countries like Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Serbia, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Croatia & Spain, plus countless Greek ones, having released 1 full length, 2 7″s and a demo, My Turn cease to exist.

Thanks to everyone that has supported us from day one till now; we will never forget it. We are leaving with an urge, let’s give to the scene what it deserves, and that’s nothing but solidarity and integrity. Support at all costs whatever you think it’s true. We’ll be here, anyway.

Markos, Apostolis, Nick, Stelios

P.S. Thanks to our ex-members, Fotis, Sergios & Drosos, for giving their best to the band.

My Turn will be missed. But they all continue to be as passionate and caring individuals involved in all kind of alternative projects. Their former member Fotis joins DIY Conspiracy‘s editorial team, so stay tuned for his reviews and stuff on here.

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