Muro – Pacificar

Bogotá, Colombia's finest hardcore punk band unleash another modern day classic.


Artist: Muro

Title: Pacificar

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Adult Crash, Beach Impediment

Upon its fiery appearance in 2017, Muro’s Ataque Hardcore Punk became a landmark of the international hardcore punk scene. Brimmed to the rim with exhilarating moments, Muro is one of those bands to create the perfect blend between the aggressive and the anthemic.

Getting a repress from Beach Impediment in 2019, Ataque Hardcore Punk indeed became a modern day chain punk classic. Raising the expectations high, it was also only natural that Muro will come back with new material in 2020. Namely, their much-anticipated second LP Pacificar, and a hell of a split release with Southern Spanish punk phenomenon Orden Mundial released through the mighty La Vida Es Un Mus label.

For a band known for their raucous energy, anything else than more of the same will be a huge disappointment. That’s why Pacificar is not really much different compared to its predecessor. On these 11 new tracks, Muro slaps hard with a burst of primal rage and the unbridled passion they’ve been acknowledged before. The songs are still in Spanish and draw influence from the long history of ferocious hardcore punk in their country (Anti-Todo, Ataque de Sonido, Imagen, etc.)

Even if you’re not familiar with all these punk essentials coming from such an overlooked place, it’s not that hard to imagine how drug trade, unemployment and violence have shaped the punk scene in a country like Colombia. Other bands that come to mind when listening to Muro are the short-lived American classics Koro—for their enraged, rough sound; Blitz for the underlying UK82 / Oi! influences, and especially Japanese legends Gauze for this fast feeling without actually playing really fast.

It’s fair to say that a lot was riding on Muro’s first full-length, but they have exceeded the expectations with another timeless record that needs your attention right now. Pacificar features all the blood-curdling riffs and tempo changes we wanna hear from the band, and there’s no question this album is one of 2020’s best raw hardcore punk releases.

Kudos to Adult Crash and Beach Impediment for releasing this, and of course to Rat Trap collective, this Colombian DIY artist group that does amazing design work keeping the punk aesthetics alive. We still need spiky haired skulls, chains and barbed wire whenever possible on records, merch and zines.


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