Moro – entrüstet EP

[TRIGGER WARNING!] Moro's "entrüstet" is a concept-driven EP delving into the topic of rape culture

moro-entruestetArtist: Moro

Title: entrüstet

Release: Digital 

Year: 2015

Label: Self-Released

[TRIGGER WARNING!] Moro’s entrüstet is a concept-driven EP delving into the topic of rape culture. The title of the EP is the German word for enraged, to describe the feelings this four-piece from Hamburg have captured when it comes down to sexual harassment, abuse and rape. Although every sentence of the lyrics have been written very carefully with the intention to create awareness and start important discussions within their friends and hardcore punk communities.

The titles of the four songs are the names of four mountain peaks to illustrate that the chosen themes are just the tip of a much bigger and more complex issue. All lyrics are in German, only the explanations to the songs are in English, which I think is great, because it’s always better to use your native language when expressing strong feelings about a sensitive topic.

As expected, the music is harsh and not easily digestible screamo with lots of screeching guitars and screamed vocals. The production is as DIY as possible—recorded in a rehearsal room and a living room, mixed and mastered by the band themselves. It’s not about the musicianship, it’s about the message, the conversation, and the attitude towards the problems we face every day.

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