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Summer 2014: More Noise From The Underground

Here's another batch of musical recommendations from the DIY Conspiracy headquarters. Featuring Crevasse, Annulment, Deuil, Muerto Rico, Kaddish and more.


Here’s another batch of musical recommendations from the DIY Conspiracy headquarters. As you know, this site is for entertainment purposes only and we’ll keep throwing bandcamp codes here and there to amuse with hardcore punk musick you should check out.

Crevasse – Selftitled

Crevasse is a new project of Finisterre’s singer Manuela featuring friends from the Netherlands (Lawine, Sloth, Sand Creek Massacre). They don’t have neither facebook page to follow nor any merch available, but the band is playing shows and debut record will be out on Contraszt! Records. The music is a raw and dirty 90’s metalcore that reminds me of Chokehold, though they’re probably more influenced by the Bremen school – Acme, Carol, Akephal, Acheborn…

Annulment – Celestial Mother of the Handless Path

Annulment is a band from Long Island, New York, that totally blew me away! Annulment’s “Celestial Mother of the Handless Path” is something way beyond anything you will ever hear from the usual 90’s influenced metalcore band. They have the heavy breakdowns that will make you want to punch holes in the wall and great lyricism conveying its message through religious allegories. I’ve never expected from an American band to write such a powerful antifascist song as Annulment’s “Metzger Puppet Profanation”. Please, go to their bandcamp page and download their record, it comes with a pdf lyrics booklet and art. This band is totally recommended. FFO: Morning Again, Harvest, Green Rage, 7 Generations and much more…

Deuil – Shock / Deny …

Deuil (ex-Isaïah) play the nice mixture of sludge, doom and black metal that we can expect from a band from Belgium. Their new EP will be out very soon.  

Muerto Rico – Demo 2014

Muerto Rico is a brand new band from Belgrade. I think they should be mentioned by disgusting music, it’s a well-known fact that Saetia V-neck dude likes Serbian skramz.  Mierda! Joder! Da Bog da ti se sve u kući osušilo, osim veša!

The Stops – Demo Tape

The Stops is 5-piece all-girl punk band from Portland, Oregon. According to the Internet the band was formed in 2011 but they are a brand new discovery to me. The songs are recorded in a basement and remind me of old bands like Screaming Sneakers, The Brat, and the Bags. I love it!

Kaddish – Thick Letter To Friends

Kaddish is a screamo band from Scotland that I’ve been following up for years.  With their new “Thick Letter To Friends” LP they will definitely break into a new ground and reach much more people than the band used to do before. Recently they did an interview for Idioteq where you can read more about the band and their newest record.

Abstürmer – Nuclear Hell

Featured photo scammed from Abstürmer, Satan-worshiping bicycle gang from Michigan. They are strictly anti-fascist, pizza-loving haters ov anything non-DIY. Corpse-paints, Bathory shirts and spandex shorts on. In aeturnal slumber, in contemplative hell, smitten by the wrath of pandemoncy, Absturmer are the trve masters of the nine levels of misery. The band insists that the record was released on 6.6.1966, so technically this is not quite a new record.

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