Moral Law / Ritual Of Decay – Split EP

Vegan holy war for human extinction


Artist: Moral Law / Ritual of Decay

Title: Split

Release: Tape

Year: 2020

Label: Wretched Records

A more than worthwhile pairing of two ’90s revival bands from the US! Militant lyrics about vegan justice & animal liberation, combined with a massive load of metallic riffs and blistering double-bass rhythms that keep the music as aggressive as it gets, make for an absolutely ripping listen.

Denver, Colorado’s Moral Law steps up with a whirlwind of Vegan Straight Edge hardcore and melodic death metal, heavily influenced by the late ’90s bands. Opening track “Atonement” has some massive xRepentancex vibes to it, and so it is easily my favorite Moral Law song so far. The monstrous bass lines wander all over the place, along the face-ripping riffs, absolutely raging vocal delivery and crushing breakdowns that will make you want to punch a hole into the wall. Lyrically, Moral Law’s uncompromising message revolves around personal atonement for taking part in an anthropocentric, speciesist system that allows gruesome cruelties to non-human animals to happen, while also declaring a total war against it. This side of the split is a sledgehammer to your face and the two songs will leave you wanting more!

Phoenix, Arizona’s Ritual of Decay deliver three tracks of pure (vegan) death metal savagery on their side of the tape. Previously known to me for their split with Carnivore Crusher, I was immediately won over by their sheer brutality. This is a blistering, full blown heaviness from start to finish. A relentless onslaught of metallic riffs, thumping double-bass drumming and merciless death metal growls, Ritual of Decay’s part of the split is a serious business.

The only thing I disliked about this release was the front cover, which features the exactly same painting as Bracewar’s Juggernaut LP from 2007. Both covers are absolutely identical and I don’t think hardcore should remain so unoriginal in its art. Anyway, if you like heavy, death metal influenced vegan bands in the tradition of Arkangel, Day of Suffering, Abnegation, Slavearc, Unborn, etc.—this split cassette tape is for you.

Go Vegan—Stay Vegan—Listen to brutal fucking metal!


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