Miseria – Self-Titled

Artist: Miseria
Title: Miseria
Release: CD
Label: Calimocho Autoproduzioni

This is Miseria from Italy, not Misery from Minneapolis! The CD comes in a 7″ record sleeve, so when I received it I thought it was a vinyl record! Miseria play some really nice tunes, there are nine fast and tight songs with a total length of about 16 minutes. The music is fast as I like it and reminds me of the old Italian bands like Negazione and Wretched. The guitars remind me of the British punk legends Conflict. The lyrics are all in Italian but there’s a separate sheet of paper with their translations in English. Despite the short songs the lyrics are quite long, very well written and much more sensible than the usual crap most of the faster hardcore and crust bands used to write. So instead of the same old slogans you’ll find really intelligent and well-written lyrics without losing their punk intensity and political charge.

Mittens XVX

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