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Minimal – Self-Titled EP

Las Vegas hardcore make their debut with four uplifting tracks to overcome alienation and fear.

minimal-hardcoreArtist: Minimal

Title: Minimal

Release: Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

Minimal is one of the newest and most promising hardcore bands to come out of the Las Vegas hardcore scene.

Since their debut in late 2018, Minimal have been crafting their songs and played as an opening act for Jesus Piece. With just a couple of shows, they are still to be established within the hardcore community.  Actually, if you’re going to follow them on social media, you’ll see no fancy band photos and not even the slightest bit of showing-off. What they focus on instead is being dedicated to the music they love and make it in a meaningful way.

From a first listen, Minimal sound familiar to a bunch of bands we all love and enjoy—like Have Heart, Sinking Ships, or The Effort—but as soon as you get into their tracks, you’ll feel their heartfelt melodies to be genuine enough on their own. I know that lines like “To change the world, we have to change ourselves” may sound like a total cliché to some, but so is a huge part of the hardcore scene in whatever musical and lyrical direction you look at it. Similar to the writing style of Gorilla Biscuits and taking some nice modern twists on hardcore, this is a band that will be appreciated by those who are looking for a breath of fresh air and positivity in the contaminated by negativism contemporary hardcore scene. It’s about overcoming fear and making connections with each other. I totally dig this message.

When things seem their darkest
Just know we can be the light
And say
I’m not afraid

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