Artist: Mindset
Title: Real Power
Release: 7″ EP
Year: 2009
Label: React! Records

React! Records surely know how to make a special and unique releases. Taking part in the pre-orders didn’t actually get us any of the rarest colors of the vinyl but we still received a 100% real, straight edge record! Everything in this vinyl tastes like pure dedication – from the artwork, sticker and lyrics booklet, through the great and sensible message from Sean O’Donnel (Youngblood Records), to the very last note of all Mindset songs. We are looking forward to getting more React! releases and we hope they will keep them coming in such a great form. In ‘Realpower’ we got four tracks in little less than 8 minutes. The tracks are aggressive in a specific way, with nice, measured melodies and even few guitar solos. The vocals are aggressive, understandable and in no way monotonous or boring. Just a little more sing-alongs and the songs would be perfect. However Mindset’s music is inspiring and powerful enough so the crowds surely can compensate this insufficiency in the record.

Angel S.

Freelance journalist and full-time copywriter from hell. Playing ambient music as Mytrip, hardcore with King Of Sorrow, teaching Sound Art, booking shows with For The Kids & Amek Collective. Always in for a cup of coffee.