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Miles Away back in Europe to tour with Gorilla Biscuits

Five years later Australia's finest melodic hardcore band is back to Europe to present their latest record Tide while touring with Gorilla Biscuits

Miles Away a.k.a Australia’s finest not only released probably our 2015 melodic hardcore favorite ‘Tide’, but have just announced they are coming back to Europe for the first time in 5 years. They’ll be joining Gorilla Biscuits across the old continent and with Modern Life Is War, Touche Amore and Gwlt also on the bill, that’s pretty going to be one of the hugest hardcore tours of 2016. Some shows are already sold out so if you’re in the area or feel like travelling don’t sleep on this.


26/02 – Leipzig
27/02 – Berlin
28/02 – Eindhoven
29/02 – Hamburg
01/03 – Wiesbaden
02/03 – Vienna
03/03 – Munich
04/03 – Essen
05/03 – Antwerp
06/03 – London (sold out)

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