Miles Away – Tide

With Tide, their first album in 5 years Miles Away remind us why we'll always love them

miles away tide

Artist: Miles Away

Title: Tide

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2015

Label: Six Feet Under Records

Believe it or not 13 years later Australia’s Miles Away are still here and I guess this makes them one of the few defining 2000s melodic hardcore bands, who managed to avoid break ups and reunions by writing music whenever they felt the urge to, keeping a low profile when they had to, but always keeping us excited and with our eyes open for something new.

The name of their comeback album is Tide and there’s not a calm second in it…. Just that short piano-led intro, which just like a wave, gaining speed, is here to bring the sea storm of a record these guys came up with. I’m super subjective when it comes down to Miles Away and honestly find it hard to look clear at this album, having in mind it’s the first thing they are releasing after 2010’s Endless Roads.

Tide is extremely melodic, the music jumps from fast and passionate outbursts (“Terra Incognita”) with powerful sing-alongs to epic and crashing mid tempo pieces (“Under Tow” or the instrumental “Whitewash”), which are gradually pouring anxiety in your fragile little soul and then you’re ready to face the big waves head first. Vocals on this one are super diverse and powerful. Main and backing lines are overlapping in a full-blown hardcore madness, burning like the fucking sun and alive like fire. I rarely put references to other bands, while reviewing music, but on this record I somehow feel the spirit of Bane, let’s say in some of the vocals (Ex Voto) and in the lyrics.

And the lyrics on this one are so real and moving… Even if Tide is a record huge and powerful like a storm, pieces like “Let the Words Roll By,” “Balance” or “Grateful” can make you sit and think for hours. And I guess that has always been the purpose of this music—to open our eyes, show us all possible directions and remind us how free we all are.

Welcome back, Miles Away.

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