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María – Breve Cielo

Check out this review for the new EP from this band from Argentina, María!

Artist: María

Title: Breve Cielo

Release: Digital

Year: 2016

Label: DIY

This is the second EP and the second release of 2016 from María, an indie/punk band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, a place with a long and rich history in punk, with a lot of emotional and passion driven bands. What does the young people of Buenos Aires got for us?

It starts with Tres Cosas Color Rosa (Three Pink Colored Things), a song with clear and pristine guitars, sometimes with modulation effects like chorus or flanger. The melodies are centered on the rythmic bass and, of course, the soft, yet very present voice. It’s all very sweet and calm, but with a strong vibe of melancholy that makes me think of bands from the labels K Records and Sarah Records. And that’s a good thing, they make good and consistent use of their influences.

The lyrics are often personal, about daily life and human relationships. About simple things. About going on with life, or forgetting. It’s all introspective. ‘Cause yeah, we, as people involved in various punk scenes, wanna get angry and speak about issues that affect us, but we also gotta know ourselves. We are not just angry robots, we feel. So, speak out. Or better, hear. Understand, think. We get a bit of that in this EP, wich is also fun to listen to and it’s a litte bit better produced than their first one, wich was okay, by the way. Especially on the voice.

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