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Manual De Combate are going to Europe on their first international tour

From October 27th to December 2nd, the Chilean punk duo Manual De Combate will be touring Europe. Don't miss this chance!

The noisey punk duo Manual De Combate from Santiago, Chile, with their heavy bass driven sound and powerful drums, will be touring Europe really soon. Starting on October 25th, the band will travel trough Germany, France, Netherlands, Esukal Herria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic, where they will have their last date of the tour on December 2nd.

They recently released a split with another duo, the band Dumo, from Valparaíso, after two great EPs released on their own.

All the information about the tour will be posted on the Facebook event they set. Stay tuned! This is a chance you don’t want to miss.