Manhunt – s/t

Manhunt are a bunch of bad people making bad music because the humanity really sucks

manhunt coverArtist: Manhunt

Title: s/t

Release: LP / digital

Year: 2014

Label: 625 Thrash, Lethal Dose Records, RSR

Manhunt are bad, bad Australian people making fucked up music about how much they hate humanity. Pretty much nothing new, but honestly, we’re all usually on that very same page. Their self-titled, which is already running low on vinyl, is a 17 minutes long, raw as hell, ultra scumbag hardcore. It’s dirty, sick and angry. It almost never slows down and when it does it’s just as if somebody’s taking a pause to throw up so they can start screaming again. And talking about screaming, Manhunt’s vocalist Alixa… she’s really in the mood on this one.

I don’t have too much to say about this record, as the 14 tracks of crunchy guitars, distorted bass and insane blast beats, and in general, savage fast powerviolence is pretty self-explanatory. If you have heard their previous stuff you might notice the band’s become a bit heavier here. Maybe they found some more reasons to hate the humanity for, or maybe it was that day when you have to pay the bills when they were recording the album. Who knows, who cares, just blast this shit as loud as you can go. There’s a line from the press info that also says it all.

A long attention span is not required but a new pair of undies and pre-whitened knuckles may be.

Fuck you, Australia for always having the best bands. By the way Manhunt are touring the Australian East Coast with Internal Rot early February so if you’re a lucky enough to live there (or nearby) go check out a show. The route is here.

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