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Maldición – Self-Titled

Angry? Frustrated? Sick? Maldición is just what you need to fight or feed those feelings!

Artist: Maldición

Title: Maldición

Release: Lathe Cut 7″ / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Tobi Records

Feedbacking, reverberating, angry and diffuse hardcore punk is among my favorites. I mean, it goes along pretty well with the current times, when fascism is winning elections worldwide (just happened here in Chile, sadly) and people are spreading hate speech every second they spend on the internet. It’s like they are hitting us from everywhere. We need to answer back. We need angry songs as much as we need the fires of resistance in the streets. Maldición’s first release, a lathe cut 7″ on beloved Tobi Records, might happen to be the perfect soundtrack for the revolution.

Claustrophobic feelings of anger, sickness and fear fill the 6 songs on the now sold out debut release from this band. They feel frustrated, like there’s no chance of escaping a system that oppresses and enslaves us every single day. Work, consume, repeat… what can we do? Do we have a chance against Big Brother? All the horror and none of the answers. That’s all that we hear here. The sad truth, being delivered through wild bass, lots of distortion and a lighting-fast beat. If we can do nothing against the horrors of the modern world we might just scream and dance along them.

This EP, with echoing vocals, dystopian lyrics, raw bass, razor-like guitars and pulsating feedback makes me think of local bands Pesadilla and Deceso Por Causa Desconocida, where the recording engineer, 333, plays. If you know nothing about the underground scene from Santiago, this might be a great introduction to it and to the wide range of bands that play there.

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