Maladjusted – Death Is The Only Relief EP

In 8 raging tracks Maladjusted is attacking the structures of capitalist greed, patriarchy, animal abuse & media deceit with no sense of sympathy or compromise

maladjusted death is the only relief

Artist: Maladjusted

Title: Death Is The Only Relief

Release: Digital

Year: 2014

Label: Self-Released

“Making punk a threat again!” was the ultimate slogan that carved into my teenage self when I’ve started listening to fast and angry hardcore punk music more than a decade ago. In my mid 20’s I’m still excited about DIY punk, I still care about fighting the good fight and while most of the zinesters who still remain are filling their pages with worthless columns expressing their nostalgia about the good old days of hardcore, here I am reviewing exciting new records popping up from all over the world.

Maladjusted is just one of the most recent bands that seek to make punk angry/political again through the means of the more rabid and primitive hardcore punk sound. Released in May 2014 their debut “Death Is The Only Relief” EP is the total blast you should expect from a pissed off band from LA that encourage social and political change in a direct and urgent way, in 8 raging tracks they are attacking the structures of capitalist greed, patriarchy, animal abuse and religious deceit with no sense of sympathy or compromise. The production is rougher than the usual stuff you’ll hear in 2014 but that’s just how a great demo record of such an intense and angry hardcore punk band should sound like.

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