Makkmat – Beina Brenner

Misanthropic old school grindcore from Norway

makkmat-beina-brennerArtist: Makkmat

Title: Beina Brenner

Release: LP / CD / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: EveryDayHate, Lukket Avdeling Records

Now this record took me by surprise! Makkmat is an extreme hardcore outfit hailing from Norway to take you on a trip to the ugly side of life. Cracked cop skulls and rotten human flesh is everywhere. The world we know will fall, chaos and destruction will reign all around.

Makkmat are absolutely devastating with their lucky thirteen tracks of world annihilation. When you mix the rabid intensity of modern grindcore with the nihilistic attitude of classic d-beat you get this band. Beina Brenner is a collection of band’s demos but all tracks sound coherent and well-produced enough to make it for an extreme ear-wrecking experience.

I’m sure that you won’t find a moment to take a deeper breath when listening to this misanthropic beast. Makkmat’s songs are all grinding your fucking head with the lyrics relentlessly assaulting society in the band’s native Norwegian language, and, if you’re still not satisfied enough, there are also three classic hardcore punk covers executed in a totally brutal and hyper-speed fashion, namely “Drop Dead” (Siege), “Spräckta Snutskallar” (Shitlickers), and “Protest and Survive” (Discharge). Just brilliant!

If you love feeling like being in a machine-gun nest when listening to fast and aggressive music like this, then you’ll definitely need to check out these guys.

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