Madam Skam – 6 låtar om 6 EP

Six snotty punk'n'roll songs on lesbian sex.


Artist: Madam Skam

Title: 6 låtar om 6

Release: Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Self-Released

6 låtar om 6 (Six songs about sex) is the title of Madam Skam’s debut EP.

Formed in May 2019 in Gothenburg, this queer-punk band is comprised of three lesbians—Tess (vocals), Rosanna (guitar), and gender-nonconforming Luna (drums). For those who don’t know the language, the band’s name translates as Madame Shame. It refers to “the older ladies who are regulars at your local bar where you find them with a glass of red wine rambling about all the lousy men they’ve met, bad sex, stuff they did in their youth and all that, to everyone that might want to listen”, further explains band’s name Madam Skam’s drummer Luna.

As you can guess from the EP’s title, it consists of six tracks themed around being a real slobby hag and all the other things that straight cis-men would avoid in disgust. The music on 6 låtar om 6 just nails that fine line between a slow-rolling, queered up rock’n’roll banger which allows you to hear everything as loud and clear as it gets, while retaining a rough punk edge around the vocals and attitude. Tess’ vocals are brilliantly haughty, and the whole record sounds unexceptionally Scandinavian; it’s perfectly catchy, hook laden punk-rock in its sound and spirit. This is not surprising though, given the band’s longstanding involvement in the local DIY punk scene—playing in bands and booking shows, including as being part of Femipunx collective.

Overall, it’s an essential listening with a genuine outsider-punk vibe that reminds me of some amazing older bands from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Up the queer punx!

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