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LYED & Joliette – Split

Four labels teamed up to release LYED & Joliette's 10" fix of crazy post-hardcore with a slight touch of psychedelia.


Artist: LYED & Joliette

Title: Split

Release: 10″ vinyl / Digital

Year: 2015

Label: Heads Up! Records, Friendly Otter Records, Suspended Soul Tapes & Records & Fvimos Heroes Records

Every year, Austin is the host to a week long event named “SXSW”. During this festival, people involved in the DIY community here put together house shows, bridge shows, shows in living co-ops, and even parks. In 2014, a band named Joliette had introduced themselves to most of us at an annual show called “meatspin” that is held every year during SXSW. They had come from Mexico to play any show that they could get on and meet people involved in DIY here in the states.

Fast-forward another year and they’ve hashed out a couple of tours here and announced that they will be putting out a split with a band that is local to my home town, LYED.

LYED is a band that plays this very loud and fast-paced post-hardcore style of music. It’s very bouncy in some parts, where other parts the tone is very in your face and more direct. This split is the first material the band has released other than a demo which was released last year. There is very obvious progression style-wise. Instrumentally, it’s more Botch than it was before. Which seems good. Vocally, it’s honest and completely original. There are certain points where a breakdown happens exactly where you want it to/expect it to. Which also seems good. It’s not something you haven’t heard before, then again LYED’s execution is spot-on with these new songs and are making something their own in an at times; drowned-out and lifeless style of music. The live set speaks for itself and i’m genuinely excited for when they drop new music.

Joliette‘s side of the split is just as hard hitting. In two songs they power through very well written riffs, catchy melodies and drumming that is almost completely robotic. The yells are very angsty. The beginning of the second track; El Coronel y El Cardenal, is really catchy. I remember replaying it several times when I first heard it. These songs are screamed in Spanish, but if you don’t speak/understand it, you’re not missing any of the emotion. It isn’t alienating. The music is able to articulate it’s self to the listener with no problems.

Absolutely be sure to buy this split from any of the labels involved. Everyone, who’s been a part of this release is doing great things for their scene and community.

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