Living Under Drones – Knot On Knot

The perfect soundtrack for the end times we're living in right now.

knot on knot

Artist: Living Under Drones 

Title: Knot On Knot 

Release: Digital

Year: 2021

Label: Self-Released

Alright, Living Under Drones is one of the most underappreciated modern noise rock / post-hardcore bands in the world today, and that’s a scientific fact. Their unique take on angular, menacing, guitar-driven instrumental music is among the best things I have heard in 2021, but their approach to creating exciting soundscapes without ever getting boring can be traced a couple years back.

Living Under Drones come from a small town in Greece called Ioannina and they are active in their local squat and DIY music scene as individuals and as a band. They play really loud instrumental music, loosely placed around the noise rock spectrum. That means gritty guitars and pounding drums, non-standard time signatures and their unique approach of naming their tracksalmost like short stories embedded in the titles.

Their new album Knot On Knot is the perfect soundtrack for the end times we’re living in right now. Apocalyptic, fierce, and aggressive, but at the same time introspective and calming, in a way. Having seen them live numerous times, it is honestly amazing how well they translated their raw energy on record this time! Maybe because the album was also recorded live—the sessions took place at Piper Studio, Athens in the spring of 2021 with engineer Andreas Venetis, and the material was later mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago.

Knot On Knot consists of six long tracks that tell appalling stories in the way that an artist paints on a huge canvas with the destructive energy of a mad man, revealing layers of unspeakable terror in the eyes of the beholder.

Honestly, guitar-based instrumental music can often become boring and self-centered around the egos of the musicians, but, fortunately, this is never the case with Living Under Drones. They create a high-energy, dynamic atmosphere where you can easily drown in violent layers of noise, balancing between compulsive melodies, disturbing patterns and experimentation with audio effects.

For me, Knot On Knot is one of the most exciting releases of 2021, and I can’t wait for this album to be out on vinyl, as promised by the band. With the current production times though it could take another year before we can enjoy a physical medium, but I’d say it will be worth it.


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