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Listen to “Casualties of a Rape Culture” by Appalachian Terror Unit

Thrashing mountain punx of ATU make no compromise in their stance condemning sexual assault

Casualties of a Rape Culture

The thrashing mountain punx of Appalachian Terror Unit are back and give full vent to their rage. Their new LP “We Don’t Need Them” is to be released on the legendary Profane Existence. The band has revealed a song from their upcoming record available for free at their bandcamp page.

The “Casualties of a Rape Culture” single is a metallic anarcho-punk outburst in the narrative style of bands like A//Political or Resist&Exist depicting the threat of normalized sexism, slut-shaming, victimization and rape apologizing that is still existent in our scene. The second part of the song is the band’s raging wrath directed towards The Casualties’ singer Jorge Herera, who has been accused of rape and sexual assault by several people from the punk community.

Listen to “Casualties of a Rape Culture” and read the lyrics below.

The weight of normalized sexism. Pretend it doesn’t exist.
But rape is still used as a tactic of war, and you still control my sister with your fist.
Breast feeding is an obscene act to be hidden while rape jokes are supposedly funny and if they are not your uptight.
Validate us, “Hey you’re a pretty good whatever for a girl”.
Trivialize our story and even condone violence inflicted.
Sick of hearing girls be told how to behave to not get raped.
Victim blaming an automatic response like its every girls fate.
You’re a slut if you fuck and a prude if you don’t.
Instilled with a sense of inferiority to remove prospect of pleasure.
“Bitch” code for practicing any necessary self-assertion.
No I don’t want preform for every man I pass on the street.
Can’t have a day without hearing “Hey baby give me a smile”.
Made to feel guilty for being harassed like I did something wrong.
So fucking sick of being talked over and ignored.
Women locked away in dungeons for fighting back.
Striped from the natural world severing the cord.
Daughters kidnapped and married off to please old men their toys replaced with tears and blood.
An expectation of behavior little girls measuring self-worth on plastic and airbrushed idols.
Sick of being made to feel inferior.
Sick of having to fight to have a voice.
Gender-set limitations diminishing our human worth.
Conveniently substitute the word sex for rape something 1 in every 5 women face.

You were drinking, so what did you expect
Maybe not to be treated like a fucking object

Instead of support, a total interrogation
Must have knowingly emitted some flirtation

What did you do to cause your own assault?
Obviously it was your fashion senses fault

Questions about YOUR choices, not the rapist
Making pathetic excuses for an act so heinous

Doubt because she didn’t report it to the cops
But it’s not like they do anti-rape special ops

Most often just humiliate or mistreat the victim
Another deep root of our patriarchal system

Blaming the sufferer nearly as violent as the assault itself
Expected to put those feelings away on the back shelf

Have your own friends doubt you when you need them most
Not to be dragged and tied to the verbal whipping post

Or how about being just totally ignored
People figure you made it up, you must be bored

He wouldn’t do that, or just hey fuck it I like his band
Hey maybe no one will notice, after all they have a tour planned

Use a tool like social media to gain some power and voice
Then threatened with more violence because you made a choice

Trying to break free from the chains of silence and blame
Only to be met with more frustration and shame

Sisters of the world we will never be quiet,
We have a voice we will not drown in the silence.

We have to stick together we have to fight back
No more violence no more attacks

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