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Liminal Veil – S/T

Raw, visceral, and passionately violent skramz with math-rock influences.

liminal veilArtist: Liminal Veil

Title: S/T

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Big Name Records

It took me 7/8 minutes to jam this self-titled EP and it’s obvious that I must review it asap.

Jon Lervold is a fucking beast! Not only is he a one-man machine, playing different kinds of genres/subgenres but he has his own recording studio, his own label, makes his art, and is an audio engineer. Liminal Veil is one of his most recent projects. According to the info, he said that “This project is borne of frustration with the modern American political system, with a specific disdain for the stranglehold of the two parties and the massive inequalities that manifest in our society as a direct result of big money’s influence on politics. The plutocracy must be dismantled.”

Liminal Veil is a raw, visceral, and passionately violent skramz with math-rock influences. Six short but intense tracks of tragedy, passion, and emotional apocalypse. Drums and guitars create a rather dramatic orchestration, while vocals die out in desperation. Each track is unique and tunes are different from each other to keep the listeners engaged. Lervold creates desperate poetry of a call to rebellion and holds them on his sleeve.

Along the lines of Cowboys Become Folk Heroes, Ampere, and Converge, Liminal Veil holds a true potential of raw, visceral energy. The best gem of 2020.

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