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Les Mauvais Jours – S/T

Summer vibes come earlier than expected

les mauvais jours lpArtist: Les Mauvais Jours

Title: S/T

Release: LP / Digital 

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

OK, I have to admit that I’ve listened to Sport’s Colors LP an unhealthy number of times since it came out, now more than five years ago. It’s not that I listen to that indie-influenced, melodic punk-rock all the time, actually quite the contrary. It’s just that some records are so catchy that they instantly make it into your summer jam playlist.

Enter Les Mauvais Jours.

Well, it’s still snowing outside and it’s too early to get hooked on such a poppy record with a melted ice cream on the front cover. Still, it’s a great stuff from another French band in the veins of Sport. There’s a great vibe in all these ten songs and you can feel it that the band is just as passionate as any other energetic hardcore punk act you’d love. If you need more proof of that, I should tell you that this record was self-released by the guys and that Les Mauvais Jours (the name translates as the bad days) feature members of such intense Strasbourg hardcore bands such as The Boring, Another Five Minutes, and More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters.

I have a soft spot for French emo and punk bands, even if they sing in English. And, although Les Mauvais Jours is definitely not what I’m usually looking for, this is an excellent record if you want to indulge in the sugary flavours of catchy, Cap’n Jazz influenced tunes. The musicianship is topnotch, the lyrics are okay. Unless it’s too sweetish for your taste, it’s a nice record that you would have fun with. I can’t wait for sunny days and loads of vegan ice cream.

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