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Leechfeast – Village Creep EP

Sisyphus sheds a prideful tear as the doppelgänger swings a hammer at your swelling ankle.

leechfeastArtist: Leechfeast

Title: Village Creep EP

Release: 12″ / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Vendetta Records

Village Creeper is almost year old now and I can tell it already ages well. And why shouldn’t it—Leechfeast are by all means top-notch musicians and one of the hardest working bands in the drone doom segment of modern independent metal music. Drown into the pits!

The opener Village Creeper is a truly massive low’n’slow banger with a heavy Dystopia-meets-funeral-doom vibe, accompanied by throaty drones that flawlessly transcend into the second track named “Cold Flow”.

I really love the vocal approach in this release—hauntingly clean singing makes up for a great dynamic and emotional range of both songs, which run together for a little over 16 minutes of bleak, nauseating sonic experience. Somehow, Leechfeast succeed into making a relatively niche genre exciting again by adding layers of thick noise to back up their monolithic sound.

Another awesome Vendetta release I’d love to get my hands on. Highly recommended.

Slowly stumbling in a procession, picking the falling petals rejected by wilting flowers that crown your head. Tell me, how long has it been since you lost your claws? Drowning under waves of condescending voices, sinking in a crowd, yet lonelier than ever. You had grown to like the chronic ache in your back, after all it feels good to have something enduring in a shamelessly temporary world. This fireless grey inferno. Sisyphus sheds a prideful tear as the doppelgänger swings a hammer at your swelling ankle. The clock has lost its mechanic heartbeat—it’s not that time stopped—you did.

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