Le Dictionnaire de l’emo’s Favorite Records of 2017: Emo, Punk & Love!

Guillaume of Le Dictionnaire de l'emo talks of their favorite records of 2017

Le Dictionnaire de l’emo is one of our favorite blogs where we find out about both obscure and incredible records, all the time, so it’s no surprise we asked them to share their top picks of the year. Find some great stuff on here…

I didn’t write that much this year on my blog because of personal issues and procrastination. But I was following with attention what was going on in the music world. I didn’t expect to have as many crushes as I had this year, a lot in screamo, some of them in shoegaze and metal. I’m also surprised to find some of my favorite records in French d-beat and Oï! Here’s some words about my very favourite records this year…

Øjne – Prima Che Tutto Bruci LP

I think that Øjne are some of the winners of screamo music this year, as their album we were all waiting for since 4 years, Prima Che Tutto Bruci, is just awesome, full of emotions, melodies, and of that specific Italian screamo skill. A grower: the more we listen to the LP, the more we have chills. AND THAT OPENING TRACK HOLY SHIT.

Trachimbrod – Leda LP

Another winner of the year are Trachimbrod with Leda, which is how can sound a “pop screamo” record, I guess. This band still uses a lot of their shoegaze influences to give to the sound of Trachimbrod a lot of warmth, to make us feel comfortable and safe when we listen to the record, while being super sad and cathartic at the same time. A perfect album to listen alone in your bedroom, and definitely a listening companion for a very long time… #swedishskramzmafia.

Lirr – God’s On Our Side; Welcome To The Jungle LP

Lirr. released a 100% surprising and incredible first LP called God’s On Our Side; Welcome To The Jungle, where they choose to almost completely let the Pianos Become The Teeth-influenced screamo behind them, to play a really unique blend of indie rock, screamo, math-rock… And R’n’B ! This record is a real journey, a very ambitious one. A great congrats to them, I hope this isn’t the only time we’ll heard about them.

Ostraca – Last LP

Ostraca floored me with Last, a record where they let their sufferings unleash into an ocean of heaviness, droning ambiant parts and epic screamo explosions. A very challenging listen, cathartic as fuck.

Massa Nera – Los Pensamientos De una Cara Palida LP

Massa Nera dropped a surprising first album, with unreal drums and a very City Of Caterpillar-esque sound, with lots of influence, a haunting atmosphere.

French screamo & punk galore…

Chaviré – Interstices LP

French screamo highlights from Chaviré brought with Interstices a perfect witness of the social/political situation in their hometown and their whole country, with lots of great melodies, but they always sound as angry and raw as they were since the very beginning.

Jeanne – I LP

I was also BLOWN AWAY by Jeanne, a super-underrated band from Strasbourg with a member of Paramnesia on guitars and vocals, which released in almost total secrecy a full-length, simply named I, which will never be released physically for equally secret reasons, and this is a compltete banger, full of good and dark riffs, with lots of half-clean/half-dstorted guitars. I think neo-crust and Jungbluth influenced them a lot!

Potence – L’Amour Au Temps De La Peste LP

Potence, a band with an ex-Daïtro at vocals and members of Geraniüm and Black Code, also released an awesome emocrust record, L’Amour Au Temps De La Peste, which is a block of anger thrown straight against all the demons of our always more racist, capitalist and individualist societies. Also in France, this was really the demo year.

Dédale, Les Mauvais Jours, Marée Noire, Circles, Deletär, Années Zéro, Bleakness, Contractions… They all released a demo tape / 7‘’ this year, there’s a lot to say about all these bands and I don’t have enough time to explain why they all are so cool, argh. It’s going from garage punk to d-beat, from oï to Revolution Summer-influenced hardcore punk…

But hey, be sure to give them a listen, you’ll find members of great French screamo bands in almost all of them, and it’s always 100% catchiness and sing-along.

Noteworthy Mentions…

erai gave me chills with their S/T, a bit went out of nowhere, but wow, what a wonderful LP. It’s 90’s emo record with a LOT of post-rock influences, with some clean vocals that even reminded me of early Devil Sold His Soul. Absolutely great.

Also yeah, Short Days and Zone Infinie are the best French punk bands of 2017, their albums are incredible. First one sounds like a The Observers-worship with some Youth Avoiders vibes, when second one is a modern version of Camera Silens, with 2 songs that even have some emo similarities. Both about boredom, cops, depression.

Also, here’s some others bangers not to miss, to have a good resume of the year:

  • Dawn Ray’d – The Unlawful Assembly (black metal from the black bloc, ex-We Came Out Like Tigers)
  • Bastos – Second Favourite Person
  • Heritage Unit – Enjoy Moving On
  • Death Of Lovers – The Acrobat
  • Makthaverskan – III, Sannhet
  • So Numb (super-underrated fast post-rock / post-metal with blast beats and shoegaze influences from the USA)
  • SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Fashion Statements Of the Socially Aware
  • Slowdive – S/T (BEST comeback possible for the UK famous shoegaze band)
  • You could be a cop – S/T
  • Modern Love – Tross Alt
  • Woolworm – Deserve to Die
  • Sect – No Cure For Death
  • Paramnesia / Ultha split
  • Code Orange – Forever
  • Full Of Hell / The Body – Ascending A Mountain Of Light
  • To The End Of The Summer – Laughing EP
  • thisismenotthinkingofyou – S/T
  • Frail Hands – S/T
  • Mahria – Analemna
  • Cloakroom – Time Well
  • Drab Majesty – The Demonstration
  • Planning For Burial – Below The House
  • Mind Awake – Pressure
  • Letters To Catalonia – 3 songs tape
  • Converge – The Dusk In Us…

And the list goes on…

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