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Lawine – Lawine ’15

Fugazi-influenced anarcho-punk from the Netherlands

lawine '15Artist: Lawine

Title: Lawine ’15

Release: Digital 

Year: 2015

Label: DIY

Fugazi-influenced anarcho-punk from Nijmegen, Netherlands. The lyrics don’t fit into the cliché crust punk’s political sloganeering about war and destruction but are rather snappy narratives that seamlessly merge the personal and political.

It’s a fun record to listen to and those into the more politicized part of the European hardcore punk scene are already quite familiar with Lawine and their band members. There’s definitely some attitude that huffs and puffs amongst the post-punk/post-hardcore driven guitars and we can hear that especially in the pounding ‘see you at the barricades’ call to arms drumming that could be traced to the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective headquarters where bands like The Spectacle, Zegota and Catharsis are taking their part in a large conspiracy to overthrow the system and inspire a collective liberation for all you enslaved people. This influence is not a coincidence since Lawine’s drummer is involved in a DIY record label called Rope or a Guillotine Records, named after The Spectacle full-length.

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