Last Agony Unleash an Apocalyptic Storm on New Track “Unbridled Lunacy” (Premiere)

DIY Conspiracy premieres Last Agony's newest track below.

Sentient Ruin Laboratories are anticipating the release of Last Agony’s debut album The Imminent Slaughter.

Featuring members of d-beat raw punk warriors Absolut and Toronto crusties IDNS, it’s fair to say Last Agony is a band to conjure high expectations. Living up to its name, The Imminent Slaughter drops May 7th, comprised of eight ugly and unremitting assaults of off-the-scale brutality.

The foundation of Last Agony’s savagery lies is in the stench-ridden pandemonium of Sanctum, Hellshock and Stormcrow blended with a destructive vortex of primitive cruelty and raw hostility found in early grindcore, d-beat and noise-drenched Japanese hardcore punk. The band’s output also includes a 2018’s demo tape and a menacing 7″ released by Phobia Records in 2020.

DIY Conspiracy is proud to present an early stream of Last Agony’s “Unbridled Lunacy” below. Pummeling is the keyword here, and there’s a swathe of crashing crust and lawless d-beat that borders on an overwhelming barrage of ear puncturing noise at times. Therefore, you are implored to hit the play button right now and turn up at maximum volume to ensure it melts into your brain and full perplexion can be achieved.

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