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Las Poftas / Cold Brats – Split EP

Lovely 7-inch by not one but two of Eastern Europe's finest post-punk bands!

LAS POFTAS COLD BRATSArtists: Last Poftas / Cold Brats

Title: Split EP

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Hidden Hand Records, Beach Buddies, Summercide Recs

Here I am checking out another top-notch Eastern European bands’ release. Cold Brats and Las Poftas both come from Romania, and their split 7-inch came out earlier in 2019. Though, I didn’t listen to it up until lately. And I should have dug deeper in this shit a lot sooner—it’s really good.

Two songs per side, classic (post) punk format. I absolutely love 7″ records and still buy them when I get the chance, especially if I can support a nice band in the meantime. Lovely risograph printed cover and nice minimalist artwork (kudos, Volodea!). Cute little gem.

Las Poftas’s side opens with the track “Baila”, which is a shiny, energetic piece of garage rock’n’roll madness. The fun continues with “Relájate”, also a banger! Lyrics in Spanish?! Yep, this is how they roll!

Lovely spanky clean guitars, tight drumming, and bass sound to die for. Seriously, Las Poftas! Great recording on these two! I can forgive lousy production in exchange for passion and message, but this here ticks all the right boxes. Well done.

Cold Brats’ side was a surprise to me. I’ll be honest that I haven’t got the chance to listen to them before. All in all, their style resonates with me much more.

Powerful and emotional, it’s slightly dissonant punk with howling vocals and crispy overdriven guitars. I will definitely be on the lookout for catching Cold Brats live in some sweaty basement.

Listen to this split on the involved labels or bands’ respective Bandcamp pages, and contact them directly to purchase a copy. It’s definitely worth the effort. The Balkans still have some exciting bands to offer.

Did I mention that Las Poftas is a band you should never miss when they play live?

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