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Landverraad to release a split LP with Monday Suicide


Landverraad announced their split 12″ with Monday Suicide from Belarus will be ready within 8 weeks. There will be 7 Landverraad and 6 Monday Suicide songs. The record will be pressed on black vinyl in 1100 copies and available through the DIY record labels, distros and shows all around Europe. One of the new Landverraad songs called “Korova” is already up for streaming at their bandcamp page.


Drink and be merry / / [email protected]
Rope or guillotine / / [email protected]
Access x Denied /  / [email protected]
UpThePunx! / / [email protected]
Pure Heart / / [email protected]
Mosh Potatoes /[email protected]
Dzsukhell / / [email protected]
Prejudice Me / / [email protected]
Solidaridad Distro / [email protected]

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