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Label feature: Not Enough

DIY Garlicmangel Anarchistic D-Beat Punk To The Bone

There are some jaded old punks in my facebook friends list.

And among all the other rants about the state of punk today, it seems there are WAY too many people in the scene who think that everyone can start a d-beat band and sound like the old Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Disclose, you name it.

They say most of these bands lack creativity, that they all sound the same, etc. Basically, raw punk and d-beat being the new fashion trend kinda what streetpunk used to be.

If only it were that easy…

If you’re really serious about the genre, you’ll find that there are actually a lot of really good and hardworking bands that don’t just sit on their asses.

Well, today I’m going to show you a record label that makes no compromise with quality and have in their roster only top-notch stuff from the DIY-kängpunk-mangelslak-crust-d-beat-anarchistic conspiracy out there.

Enter, Not Enough Records


The label is called Not Enough Records and it comes from Sweden, surprised? Not Enough has started its activities in 2002 by members of Project Hopeless.

Their plans were basically nothing more than just to start a small DIY distro and label to release not only their own records but also other friends’ bands.

It has come to the point that Not Enough only released bands that had a personal connection to Project Hopeless, which has felt as DIY and punk as it could.

Project Hopeless – Av Hela Mitt Hjärta

Project Hopeless were a raw and distorted band from Malmö. They have released several records, varying in recording quality and rawness. But nevertheless, they were a great band that I loved so much back then.

Crutches – D-Beat Tsunami EP

The main force behind Not Enough today is a guy called Oskar Petersson. As it all began with Project Hopeless, he also managed to play in a band called Attitydproblem. Years passed and Oskar started a band called Avfart 33 with some local punks.

After Project Hopeless came to an end, Oskar and Tom started Crutches, which is a d-beat tsunami on a whole new level! Really, Crutches is by far the best d-beat band in Europe today and if you haven’t heard them yet, you shouldn’t wait any longer.

Their 2012 “D-Beat Tsunami” EP is just a total madness of chaotic and raw as hell Japanese-influenced hardcore punk. The three songs on this release were recorded in the old fashioned way on a 4-channel tape recorder.

Crutches – Såld

In 2017, Not Enough released the third 12″ LP of Crutches. The 11-song “Såld” is their best material to date and was written in a burning rage against the religious-sexist-fascist-homophobc bullshit society that we live in!

Voidfiller – S/T

Besides singing in Crutches, a few years ago Oskar also started a European disaster in a dark matter to fill somewhat of a void. The disaster’s called Voidfiller and if you’re not paying attention their music can damage your eardrums beyond repair.

Oskar also plays guitar in Ursut, a new wave of crust band that takes the political message and anticapitalist attitude really seriously.

V.A. – Dis is Malmö 2018

In the summer of 2018, Not Enough released a great compilation called “Dis is Malmö”. As the name suggests, this comp is a great way to find out about some of the best current crust / d-beat bands coming from the crime city of Sweden. The compilation features tracks by the likes of A4, Anhedoni, Arsle, Crudiax, Crutches, Genöme, Korp, Korsfäst, Lautstürmer, Remiso, Ursut, and more. Some of the bands have already released their stuff on Not Enough Records.

Anatomi-71 – Människor Som Medel

Earlier this year, Not Enough also released a new killer record by Kristinehamn based råpunk masters Anatomi-71. The new A-71 is another classic mangel for all skitlickers out there. “Människor Som Medel” is just a brilliant articulation of fast, lyrically mature and perfectly executed d-beat punk’n’roll.

Korsfäst – Skarpt Läge

Another great record that came out in 2018 was Korsfäst’s “Skarpt Läge” LP. In their best release up to date, Malmö punx deliver 14 tracks of pure scandi punk brilliance. This is a record that will give d-beat lovers an immense pleasure.

Skitkids – Onna for pleasure

We also shouldn’t miss some older highlights in Not Enough’s discography. Like the few releases they did for the legendary Skitkids. The Swedish punk-rockers that mix the 80s scandi hardcore sound with some sick guitar solos, and especially the whole Japanese / Death Side worship.

Life / Zudas Krust – Split EP

Talking about Japan, Not Enough released a crushing split 7″ between Tokyo’s crashers Life and Indonesia’s abrasive and noise-infused onslaught Zudas Krust. It’s a surprise to see the label releasing non-European bands. The sound is fucking raaaaw.

Sju Svåra År – Storma varje hjärta

A rare gem from Not Enough’s back catalog is Sju Svåra År’s LP, which is probably my favorite of all their releases. The band has been around at the beginning of 2000’s, although the “Storma varje hjärta” was released ten years later in 2011.

The poetic punx from Stockholm has an unique melodic punk rock sound that has a totally different vibe from all the d-beat/crust/raw punk releases of the label. If you’re not already familiar with the band, go read this interview right now!

All this is just a glimpse of the Not Enough releases since 2002, and I’m sure they will come up with some even greater stuff in the future.


Besides the music and the record label, Oskar of Not Enough also creates a lot of steel and junk-art. It has its own blog: SKROTAT Junk-Art and you can find some pretty interesting stuff right there.


Another side project of Not Enough records is also KASAM prints and merch.

As you can see, DIY is at the heart to what these guys are all about. It’s what encourages others to create and make stuff that they believe in.

At the end of the day, creativity is the most important part of the punk scene and it makes the d-beat to smash to fuck the fucking system on so many levels.

D-beat and crust are here to stay, to learn and to give one another ideas to actually not to be a silent, conforming, consuming shit and mind pollution soul.

Up the punx!!! For equality and common grounds!


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