La Casa Fantom – Kill Me Clean

Forest duo La Casa Fantom are back with Kill Me Clean - their best-sounding yet dreamiest record so far

la casa fantomArtist: La Casa Fantom

Title: Kill Me Clean

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Self-Released

Back in the day we brought La Casa Fantom to Sofia and honestly before we started working on their gig I didn’t really know shit about the band or their music. And believe me I caught up pretty quickly since this Norwegian bass and drums duo is one of the most energetic and dedicated punk bands you’ll ever meet. They are talented as fuck, DIY to the bone and their immense live power makes their music truly shine. This said I’ve always found it hard to play their music from a record, because I really want the live thing, but their new LP somehow has managed to fully capture this and maybe even something more.

In Kill Me Clean La Casa Fantom are doing everything we love them for. Massive sludge parts take turns with melodic crust-influenced punk but the duo also indulges in prolonged, even progressive and psychedelic passages with dreamy but abrasive vocals.

This one is about the forest! We watched it get mowed down, we let it slide and now no one cares.

Yes, it seems La Casa Fantom have dedicated this one to the forest. The very place where they have been living for over a decade now in houses they and the rest of their community have built. Besides being a very conceptual album it’s also again self-produced and has its own sound. No element in the music overcomes the other. Just like the perfect society these people have been dreaming of and fighting for their music is a homogeneous and active mixture of minimalist instrumentation, but enviable musicianship and challenging song-writing.

Not familiar with La Casa Fantom yet? Don’t miss checking them in the awesome Noise and Resistance documentary as well.

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