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La Casa Fantom – Burning Eyes

Longstanding drum-and-bass combo is back with a new four-track rager.

la-casa-fantom-burning-eyesArtist: La Casa Fantom

Title: Burning Eyes

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Iskrem Plater, SM Music, No Way Asso

La Casa Fantom are without a doubt one of the most dedicated and idealistically pure DIY bands to ever exist in Europe. The duo consists of bassist Bård and drummer Lars both screaming their lungs out to create an exceptionally raw, haunting and visceral sound with their unique approach.

With a huge tour backlog and an equally impressive discography under their belt, they have been doing their own thing for nearly two decades now.  And, I mean, literally making their own thing—from finding solace in a treehouse collective within the forests of Norway to crafting their own amplifiers and equipment from discarded materials they’ve found lying around, they are the true kings of do-it-yourself ethics and mischievous life. Even their name comes from a homemade wine kit which gives you 20 liters of red wine in just the overnight.

When it comes to La Casa Fantom’s sound, these guys have always been reinventing themselves with each new record they make. Though the drummer Lars has recently moved to the mountains of France, while Bård still lives in Norway, there’s a new La Casa Fantom album that came out in 2019.

Expanding further on their already cult legacy, Burning Eyes comes out in a 12″ vinyl containing just four tracks. At its core, this album exemplifies dirty noise-rock parts taking turns into an unconscionable intensity and harshness. In the free world of La Casa Fantom there is enough room to breathe and thrive in a kaleidoscope of noises—from uplifting, bare bones crust-punk crusades against complacency and the prison that is normal life, to slow, crushing metallic riffs that will raze you to the ground; and from raw, misanthropic black metal influences coming straight outta their homeland, to prolongated, psychedelic tripping to elevate your inner-spirit. Basically, La Casa Fantom is a band for every social outcast out there. The title track “Burning Eyes” (last on the record) alone spans for 16 and a half minutes in length packed with a myriad of progressive ideas that could make for a crushing EP in itself, hitting you right in the gut.

This dynamic drum-and-bass combo never ceases to amaze with their astounding rage and creative energy. I just couldn’t resist but to write something about this incredible band you won’t find on Pitchfork. Always a recommended listen.


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