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культура курения – Некрофилия

A tribute to rotting beauty, a record Just like a garden of dead flowers

a0703401301_10Artist: культура курения

Title: Некрофилия

Release: Digital

Year: 2013

Label: DIY

I find it extremely necessary to bring you back an year ago, somewhere in Novosibirsk, Russia, where the music of культура курения appeared. I tend to be quite suspicious of extreme genre mash-ups bringing together stuff that one can barely imagine being combined. I usually find it as a desperate cry for attention through mixing fanbases or maybe even a bit like an elitist attempt to be radically different. That’s why back in the day when I first heard a compilation promoting the post-black metal term I was pretty, pretty put off. It was so soulless and artificial.

However, культура курения are nothing like that, even if they are bringing together post-punk and black metal, with a slight taste of post-rock and shoegaze. Believe it or not they do it well, or should I say great. Actually they don’t make you sit and consider genre names, categories or labels, but simply dip you deep in a fluent mixture of music, barely perceived as symbiotic whatsoever. I’ve been playing this record for the past month and I mean I’ve listened to it a lot. One of the reasons is the mere way it’s existing. Just uploaded on a page, waiting for you to discover it. Without any pretentiousness, without any media hassle, without the band shamelessly self-promoting itself every now and then, blasting the social media channels just to score on paid purchase or whatever musicians are now relying to exist through. No, Некрофилия (meaning Necrophilia in English) is just there waiting for you. With grim beauty, fragile sound and purity carefully assembled as one of my few favorite records coming from this side of the world.

I was wondering how to approach this record to review it because even though the music is split in pieces, which are sufficiently diverse, challenging and interesting I perceive them all like a poem. Written somewhere beneath our every day lives and in a total disregard of the common aesthetics about love, human relationships, art and existence. Некрофилия is an entity, not a collection. It is gray and patiently unfolding. With the only colors you will find there, especially if you read and understand the lyrics, are blurry and pale. Just like the music is a structure of rather controversial elements the lyrics are a beauty made of appreciation for what we’re taught perceived as dark, ugly and repulsive. Just like a garden of dead flowers it will require your imagination and your heart poured entirely in the record to embrace it. It’s actually a pretty simple thing to do. Go for it.

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