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KPD-0 – Keep Calm and Shoegaze

The cult Bulgarian band KPD-0 digitally shares its whole discography with the world, plans to repress its last mini album

It has finally happened. The CULT Bulgarian band KPD-0 has started uploading its entire discography on Bandcamp. After years and years listening to terrible .mp3 rips we’ll be slowly fed their released and unreleased recordings with their great original sound! Yes, we know KPD-0 is not an easy band to listen and get into. You either love or hate them. But I guess that’s what makes a band special, even priceless I’d say. If you have missed them, go give them a chance. They’re singing in Bulgarian (mostly) but you don’t need to know the language to let their music capture you and bring you back to their black & white urban soundscapes.

ivan shentov
“If the music is loud enough we won’t hear the world fall apart.”

As I’m writing this on their Bandcamp page you can score II, an album released back in 2002, which I personally have been living in since 2005. Soon we’ll also have its precedessesor I, which dates back from 2001. It only has to be ripped from the master tape. Yes, a fucking master tape! We love you 90s!

The other record currently available is Зад Стените на Голямата Къща (Behind the Walls of the Big House). It’s a four track EP from 2004 and three years later it was followed by the mini album Sofia Grad. That will be also uploaded soon! It’s actually highly crucial that you not only download those gems, but support that showcase of what the Bulgarian underground used to look like in the early 2000s, when bands like KPD-0, Cigaretta, Lovers of The Bomb, Panican Whyasker were working hard and gathering huge crowds in Sofia, it’s crucial to support the KPD-0 discgoraphy project, because the band have promised us a Sofia Grad repress! How cool and needed is that.

Should I mention Ivan Shentov, the bass and voice of the band, also the great mind behind KPD-o’s lyrics, has promised us a bunch of unreleased recordings!

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